When will I receive my order?

That's a great question. All of our inventory is made to order. That means when you order something from our website, we get to work and start making your piece. Our production timeline varies between 3-5 weeks. Most of the time, it's going to be leaning towards 3. 


Why does it take so long to make a piece?

Another great question, you guys! So, each piece is thrown by hand on the ceramics wheel. That's the quick part. It usually happens the day you place your order. Then the piece sits on one of our studio shelves for about 4 days to let the water evaporate out of the piece. If we skip this step, your order blows up in the kiln. Nobody wants that! So, after it's good and dry, then it goes into the kiln for the first time. It spends about a day in there and another day cooling off. Then, we glaze your piece. Again, this one is by hand, too. Then, back into the kiln for it's final step. Another day in the kiln and another day to cool off. Those things get HOT! Close to 2000 degrees. So, that's the process. Add in the weekends and current production demands, and there you have it, several weeks. 


Why is my piece a bit different than the website photo?

So, every piece is made by hand. Each piece bears the mark of the maker. That's what makes it unique and special! If you are looking for exactly identical pieces, you might be better off at Target or Ikea. No shame in that. We love Target and Ikea. That being said, we are professionals. We make uniform pottery that should look incredibly similar to the website photo. But we aren't machines either. 


Do you do other colors besides the ones listed on the website?

Generally, no. We stick to Classic White, Charcoal, Celery and Bluegrass. However, it never hurts to send us a message. Use the Contact Us page and we will get the conversation going.


I'm looking for something very specific. Do you take custom orders?

Ooh, yes! These are fun. We do take commissions, as available. If you are looking for a specific piece that fits our aesthetic (speckled clay, standard colors), give us a shout through the contact page. 


Can I return my order?

We are not able to accept returns or exchanges on our product.


My order arrived broken in the mail. What do I do?

Unfortunately, this does happen sometimes when shipping fragile ceramics. So, here's what you need to do. Take a picture and send it to us as soon as possible. It helps if the picture shows the broken pieces inside the package. Send that to us in an email at parrishpottery@hotmail.com or through the contact page on our site. We will make it right!


I'd like to have your work in my store or restaurant. Do you accept requests for consignment or wholesale?

We'd love to hear from you about bulk orders or consignment. Shoot us a message through the contact page or parrishpottery@hotmail.com